Performing, presenting, program making and producing are not the only things Bas does. This is the LOT so of course there’s more. On this page you find more of the multitude of activities Bas aims to inspire you with and/or for which you can approach Bas. Of course this is not only limited to the list below. Enjoy!

In their daily activities Bas aspires to improve the world. Bas shares their stories wherever they are asked. This is often mainly about themes such as gender, sexuality and (self) acceptance. We need to get away from narrow minded binary and solely monogamous and limiting ways of thinking, simply because it is an obstacle to freedom. Bas creates crossovers leading unique tailor-made programs such as Do your thing, be on (a roof)top a collaboration between Rotterdam Pride and the Rotterdam Rooftop Days.

More than once Bas has made an appearance on TV, in the newspaper or on Youtube.
– In the Tubantia newspaper: Bas is himself in a red tutu 
– At the Sex Sisters: episode about Masturbation 
– In the Jury of a singing program: All Together Now season 2

Drag Performance? Tailored (slightly satirical) skit for your event? All inclusive Drag Brunch? Drag Bouncer? Drag Master of Ceremonies? Call me, I’m your Girl! What to expect from Bas: lots of glitter, lots of hysteria, lots of busted makeup and a very thirsty wig. What to expect for yourself: a little pee in your panties.

Several times Bas has been asked for model-jobs, for a graduation show of the fashion academy, for a poster campaign about acceptance in the world by Amnesty International and for the photo exhibition “This is our life”  about the people of Boys won’t be Boys in their home situation during the Corona pandemic.

Hospitality? GREAT! Party? EVEN better! Bas can manage all your events, serve, clean, you name it. Call Bas for organization, atmosphere, decoration, service or any kind of management concerning your party or event. I mean, what is life without a lil’ party every now and then, right?;)

With a large dose of absurdism and mainly with creative use of what is available, bas is available for all your entourage and decoration for all your shoots and events. eclectic fashion and hysterical pimping of your interior. Spray paint that ikea furniture, spike that annoying triptych with your nail polish, not that plush on your walls, color your clothes with fabric paint! The world is gray enough as it is!

Bas’ writing style can be characterized as short, concise, powerful and comical. See for example the descriptions of the BOUWSTOF podcast or the travelblog Bas wrote when he was 18 [link], or the descriptions under his instagram posts.

Yes yes Bas with their background in architecture worked for several years as a project manager and consultant in construction. In their graduation at TU Delft they again made a cross-over and designed a tool to futureproof Monumental Theaters and used this tool to write a real estate strategy for the Royal Theater Carré, Read it here.

Got other ideas / crossovers / leads / inspirations? Something that’s missing on this list of multiplicity? Contact me, click on the champagneglas


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