Programmamaker & coördinator

What characterizes Bas as a program maker and coordinator is a high degree of proactivity. As a program maker, you have to be hands-on, not procrastinate, immediately pick up that phone and make a call. The most important trait in program making is a hands-on mentality. You have to constantly have all the different facets of the program in mind to make the program a strong whole. That, of course, is exactly the quality of “the LOT”. Bas works mainly as a program maker for architecture centers and similar organizations, but is open to this work in all sectors.

Picture: Fred Ernst

The Rotterdam Rooftop Days aim to show how the use of roofs can contribute to a healthy, lively, inclusive, attractive and future-proof city. Part of the annual festival – where the public is shown the potential of various Rotterdam roofs – is also a knowledge day. During this knowledge day the most relevant national and international developments in the field of roof usage are discussed. As program maker, Bas is part of the team that organizes the knowledge day in 2021 and in 2022.

CAST stands for Centre for Architecture and Urbanism Tilburg and Region; CAST is the architecture center of Tilburg. CAST gives shape to the conversation about the spatial quality of the built environment of Tilburg and the region. CAST organizes this exchange of opinions and insights in various ways: in conversations, exhibitions, excursions, opinion pieces or design workshops. As program maker, Bas is responsible for creating, coordinating and realizing this program. The following programs were Bas’s main responsibility:

BOUWSTOF, BOUWSTOF is the 4-yearly Talkshow and the 6-yearly Podcast. BOUWSTOF offers dynamic interviews, in-depth conversations and crossovers for anyone with an interest in architecture, spatial design and design. Bas is responsible for this program, the editorial meetings and finding the appropriate guests for both the talk show and the podcast. Bas also takes on the coordination of the entire program, as well as part of the presentation of the talk show.

Landscape of logistics, a program line about the increasing realization of logistic boxes in the landscape, how to shape the working landscape in a better, greener and more sustainable way. This program line has received much national acclaim with the Out of the Box design challenge.

CAST&Co, a professional regional network with which we discuss relevant and urgent themes 5 times a year. Bas shapes this program and also takes on the moderation to steer the conversation in the right direction.

The design-rally for the 25th anniversary of the Concert Hall in Tilburg, with 3 inspiration sessions and a design day where students and professionals together, investigated the future of the building and its connection with the Stadsforum (the new design for the adjacent square).


AIR or Architecture Institute Rotterdam sees architecture as a public issue for all inhabitants and users of Rotterdam and as a development force for the next collective task of the city. That is why AIR aims to contribute to a vital architectural climate and to a culture of cohesive and collaborative city-making. It is AIR’s mission to open up the discussion about the design of the city to a broad audience and to bridge the gap between culture and urban development, between imagination and making, between thinking and doing. AIR organizes among other programs the Rotterdam Architecture Month and the Congress for city-making.
Bas organized the open office day for the Rotterdam Architecture Month in 2021. This was organized for the first time by AIR. In the following link a blog about the open office day can be read:


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